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October 30, 2015  

Dave is back for the preview of the New Zealand vs Australia World Cup Final! Join him and his guests as they preview the big game. He is joined by Andrew McGoff and George Berman. 

October 27, 2015  
Episode 11 of PWI covers WWE Hell in a Cell and Matt Topolski, Mo Chatra and Gags Tandon discuss their frustrations with the current writing on Monday Night Raw and how they would cure the problems.
October 25, 2015  
Dave is joined by Norwegian panellists Martin and Josef. On the pod they discuss the qualification campaign of Norway and their prospects of winning their play off place. They also discuss changes to the Euros moving forwards and also look at what to expect in France in the summer.
October 21, 2015  

Dylan Baker and Jonathan Harding are back to review last week's NFL and also preview the upcoming week!

October 21, 2015  

Amit Kohli, Dan Rhodes, Sameer Khosla and Dan Kennett are back to review the first test between Pakistan and England in the UAE.

They cover the following:
1) Complete dominance of bat over ball for 4 days
2) Alistair Cook and how England fronted up to a huge Pakistani total
3) 5th day drama is an understatement!
4) Rashid proves his worth
5) Controversy surrounding DRS
6) Crickets constant ability to shoot itself in the foot. Floodlights on, overs remaining but come off for bad light ...
7) A look ahead to the 2nd test

October 16, 2015  
Matt Topolski welcomes his childhood friend and lifelong pro wrestling fan, Kyle Pheasant to the show to discuss a host of WWE related topics including: Has the Reality Era gone too far?  Should WWE be concerned about ratings heading into Wrestlemania season? And, thoughts on Hell in a Cell.
October 16, 2015  

Chris Grannell is back with the 1Up Podcast and this week he's joined by Rory Greenfield and co-host of The On The Box Podcast, Neil "Burpleman" Devlin.

They discuss all things Rockstar from Grand Theft Auto to Read Dead Redemption! If you love Rockstar you'll enjoy this show!
October 16, 2015  
Dave is joined on the pod by Kiwi Andrew McGoff and Brent Venter in South Africa. They take a look at the upcoming quarter finals at the rugby World Cup and their thoughts on the tournament this far.
October 12, 2015  
Armando Angulo, Dave Caren, Neil Patterson and @el_bandito 

Talk through the recent qualification for France 2016

Topics covered
- First time qualifying for a major tournament since WC 86 in Mexico.
- What does it mean to you - Northern Ireland is a very small country with a history of division. What will this mean to the people of NI
- Michael O'Neill what has he done to change the fortunes of NI football after decades in the wilderness
- Can NI hold onto this young manager now as there will be interest from Clubs after his success
How do you see the team performing in France
- NI football history can boast beating all the giant nations of European football.  Could we see another 1982 with a shock along the way?
- Would you fancy a group draw with the  Republic of Ireland or who is your ideal draw
October 12, 2015  

Amit Kohli and Dan Rhodes welcome Dan Kennett back to the podcast as they preview the Pakistan vs England Test Series in the UAE.

The lads cover the following:

1) Can this England team adapt to the Asian conditions and the spin of Yasir Shah
2) Can the England inexperienced top order deliver big runs? The panel discuss their preferred England lineup 
3) Will Moeen or Hales open the innings with Cook
4) Why are Pakistan so dominant in their adopted home? 
5) Who will be the key players for Pakistan 
6) Predictions

All this and more on the CricIndex Podcast!

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