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October 12, 2015  
Armando Angulo, Dave Caren, Neil Patterson and @el_bandito 

Talk through the recent qualification for France 2016

Topics covered
- First time qualifying for a major tournament since WC 86 in Mexico.
- What does it mean to you - Northern Ireland is a very small country with a history of division. What will this mean to the people of NI
- Michael O'Neill what has he done to change the fortunes of NI football after decades in the wilderness
- Can NI hold onto this young manager now as there will be interest from Clubs after his success
How do you see the team performing in France
- NI football history can boast beating all the giant nations of European football.  Could we see another 1982 with a shock along the way?
- Would you fancy a group draw with the  Republic of Ireland or who is your ideal draw
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